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About the Taxi Driving Test


The Taxi Driving Test is done in your own vehicle and is your responsibility to make sure it is road worthy and legal for the test. Click here for information on the vehicle requirments

Meeting the Examiner
Please be on time for your test as the Examiner will only allow 10 minutes after the start time of the test. 
After this time your test will be forfeited and refunds will not be given.

Documents you must bring
  • You must bring your photcard driving licence.
  • If you have an old-style paper licence instead of a photocard, you must also bring a valid passport.
  • Failure to bring these will result in the test being cancelled and you will lose your fee

What the Taxi Test / Assessment Involves

Eyesight test
At the start, you’ll have to read a number plate from a distance of:
  • 20 metres for vehicles with a new-style number plate
  • 20.5 metres for vehicles with an old-style number plate
You can’t take the driving part of the assessment if you fail the eyesight test. You can still do the wheelchair exercise if you’re taking the enhanced assessment.

The Practical Taxi Test
The assessment will include:
  • Around 30 to 40 minutes of driving on various roads and conditions. This may include some motorway driving
  • a manoeuvre where you’ll be asked to turn your vehicle to face the opposite direction
  • around 10 minutes of driving without being given turn-by-turn directions by the examiner. Independent drive.
  • stops at the side of the road as if a passenger is getting in or out
  • related questions, like what to do if a passenger leaves property in your vehicle
  • questions from The Highway Code and identifying traffic signs and road markings

You might also be asked to do an emergency stop.
You’ll pass the assessment if you make 9 faults or Less. You’ll fail if you make a serious or dangerous fault.

The test is NOT a knowledge test and you will not be asked to drive the examiner somewhere.
The Examiner will give you the directions.
We understand that as a driver you will have picked up many habits whilst driving over the years. Please drive as you would normally do for the examiner as these are taken into account and do not mean you would fail the test.
For example steer as you normally would as we look at the control of the vehicle not the method.
Taxi Manouvre
The examiner will ask you to turn the vehicle around to face the oppisite direction as though picking up another customer.
You have a choice of options to do this.
Three point turn.
Left reverse in to a side road.
U-turn, providing this is safe and legal to do so.
You should not reverse out of a side road as this is not cobsidered safe and you should not mount the pavement or use a driveway.
Satellite Navigation
You may have a sat-nav on during your test but the sound must be switched off. Any audible sound for speed cameras and speed change must also be turned off.
At the end of the Taxi Test
When you pass your taxi assessment, you’ll get:
  • a pass certificate
  • a copy of your assessment
  • a debrief from the examiner
If you fail the assessment you’ll get:
  • a debrief from the examiner
  • a copy of your assessment
Wheelchair exercise for the enhanced test
You’ll have to do a wheelchair exercise if you’re taking the enhanced assessment - you’ll need to bring a wheelchair accessible vehicle.
You’ll need to show your ability to:
  • safely load and unload the wheelchair in your vehicle
  • use the wheelchair brakes to secure and release it
  • fasten the seat belts or safety harness
  • secure any wheel belts or clamps fitted to your vehicle
Observers on Test.
You may have someone accompany you on the test. However they must not interfere in the test at all.
This includes verbal or other means of prompting.
Your test will be terminated and no refunds will be given.
The examiner may also refuse to allow anyone to sit in the back of a test as an observer.
The examiner may also ask the observer to leave the vehicle whilst on a test at their discretion or the test will be terminated.
Cameras on test.
You can use a camera fitted for insurance purposes, as long as it:
  • is external facing and doesn’t film the inside of the vehicle
  • doesn’t record audio from inside the vehicle
We will under no circumstances accept, comment on, or review audio or video footage provided by a test candidate or third party to facilitate a challenge to the conduct of any practical test or its result.
Any footage received in connection with an allegation of criminal activity or intent will be referred to the police.
Tests recorded without permission
The driving examiner won’t start the driving test if they know it’s being recorded without permission. They’ll stop the test if they become aware that it’s being recorded. The examiner will then give the candidate the chance to turn off the recording equipment.
The test will be ended and the candidate will lose their test fee if the candidate can’t do this quickly or easily.
To Change or Cancel a taxi test:
To cancel or change your taxi test you will need to give 3 clear working days otherwise you will lose your fee. 
This does not include the day of canceling or the day of your test.
(working days are Monday to Saturday)
Please note that there is a £5.00 cancelation fee when canceling a test.