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Your car on the taxi driving test / assessment


It must be insured.

As this is a vocational test / assessment you shouldn't need special insurance like a learner driving test.

Most insurance companies won't require any additional money or requirements BUT you should cheek with your insurer.

It must have a current MOT, if this is applicable.

It must have road Tax.

Other rules for your vehicle for the taxi test / assessment

  • Have no warning lights showing, eg the airbag warning light or engine management light
  • Have no tyre damage and the legal tread depth on each tyre - you can’t have a space-saver spare tyre fitted
  • Be smoke-free - this means you can’t smoke in it just before or during the test
  • Be able to reach at least 62mph and have an mph speedometer
  • Have 4 wheels and a maximum authorised mass (MAM) of no more than 3,500 kg - information will be in the car’s handbook
  • You can not use a convertible car
  • ALL Brake Lights and Indicators MUST be working.  An examiner can ask for a demonstration of these working.

The test will be cancelled and you will lose your fee if these rules are not met

There is no need to bring a mirror as the examiner will fetch his own and fit this at the start of the test / assessment.

Taxi Car Vehicle requirements
If it has a private hire plate, the number must be the same as on the plate inside the vehicle.
It must also be wheelchair accessible if you’re taking the enhanced test (for example, London-style ‘black cabs’).


You will be asked to sign a declaration to say these rules are met and Mitchell's Driving School or the Examiner will not be liable for any accidents or damage to the vehicle during the test / assessment.